Turkey Call Variety

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There are many choices in turkey call styles. Many turkey hunters prefer the diaphragm call, others will tell you the box call is the best turkey attractor ever. The truth is you need to learn how to use all of the available turkey calls. Why? On any given day, a gobbler may respond better [...]

5 Tactics For Early Teal

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Early teal hunting is just plain fun. And it’s a great way to kick off the waterfowl season after a long summer. Follow these tips and put more early season speedsters on the strap. Watch the weather-Bottom line, weather moves these early migrating birds quickly. If you aren’t there to hunt them you may miss [...]

The Last Retrieve

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People and dogs have a long history. They formed a bond with us over the waves of time that is strong and special. Dogs are our companions, friends, family members, just plain good buddies. They overflow with unconditional love and they care not what you do, what you have, what you look like, only that [...]

So you got your bird, now what? Try this simple recipe for a delicious turkey breast meal

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He gobbled many times from the tree. Flying down, he answered those seductive yelps and came into range quickly. The shot was true and a textbook spring turkey hunt was over before it started. Bird in hand, now it’s time to enjoy this wild game treasure called the turkey breast. Here is a simple recipe [...]

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