Kevin Addy

  • Hometown: Morgantown, PA
  • Avery Pro-Staffer Since: 2004
  • Flyway: Atlantic
  • Occupation: IP network engineer
  • Area of Hunting Expertise: Goose hunting
  • Favorite Method of Hunting: Field hunting Canada and Snow geese
  • Up Close And Personal:

    Kevin, who resides in Morgantown, PA, with his wife Jennifer and their two children, Shane and Morgan, is an IP network engineer for a wireless phone provider. He developed a passion for hunting at an early age, hunting and fishing with his father near the Delaware River in Bucks County, PA.
    While he annually hunts turkeys, white-tailed and Sika deer, Kevin’s true passion is waterfowl hunting, especially goose hunting. There is nothing like trying to make a flock of geese come out of the sky and land on you, Kevin says.
    It’s the challenge of the hunt. Every day is different, he says, and trying to adapt to the changes and be successful keeps him fired up about hunting. Kevin knows that time in the field is invaluable when it comes to putting all the pieces together and establishing successful methods to putting game in the bag.
    Another thing about Kevin, he brings a lot of field time to Avery, especially when it comes to capturing hunts on video or digital pictures, something he particularly loves so others can share the experience of the hunt.
    In the off-season, when Kevin isn’t competing in bass fishing tournaments along the East Coast you can usually find him on the golf course, two of his other outdoors passions.

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